Sing with me, fevers


I tried to get a video of Simon singing. But he kept saying "Schools OVER for the summer." It was cute but I’m overly critical and so no video for you. He was kinda being whiny about it and he wouldn’t look at me.

It was like he was annoyed that his Mama had the camera in his face.

So, no more school for the next six weeks. I have to teach a week and a half of summer school starting in the middle of July but that’s it. My plans include sleeping, swimming, and staying off the computer.

(Or trying to anyway).

Simon is taking an art class on Monday and Wednesday mornings. He’s excited and so am I.

The boys have been sick around here (again). Both have been running fevers with a cough. It’s so annoying. I thought for sure we had Swine flu and that we were all going to die. Then I remembered that I refuse to believe in scare tactics. And so instead I just held my babies, took their temperatures frequently and enjoyed the extra cuddles.



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