Lottle: take 2

The comments came flying this weekend. Love it. Tara takes the cake though. She posted THREE separate urgent messages and therefore The Official Neckline Slimmer LOTTLE BE GONE gets it’s very own post.

Here’s my before shot:                                                                                    


What do you guys think? I totally think I could benefit from The Original Neckline Slimmer Lottle Be Gone. And just for the record, I tried to keep it real. No makeup, no earrings, no facial touch-ups on the computer.

Maybe The Original Neckline Slimmer Company Lottle Be Gone Company will see my blog and send me my very own Neckline Slimmer. In just two minutes a day I could get rid of Lottle forever. No surgery, no pain, and no more loose skin.

I’ll keep you updated. Dramatic results are guaranteed.

And speaking of dramatic. Check out these sunglasses. (Sorry I couldn’t pick out just one. I have a problem with self control. I won’t show you the 27 others that I deleted already.)


They might possibly be bigger than Lottle. I really can’t decide if I like them or not. Matt paid big bucks and bought them for me from a really expensive store found them on the ground at Rockfest and I’m seriously debating if I’m hip enough. Jana, what do you think? Too big? Honestly?

I mean, atleast they draw the attention away from my chin and up to my huge, square, bug eyes.

Maybe I won’t need Lottle Be Gone after all.


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