Not Me Monday!

It’s Monday. Or almost Tuesday since I have an extremely bad habit of staying up way too late. But who cares?!? Cause it’s that time of the week again. I vow that the following is not true. Nope, not one single word is true. Girl Scout Promise. Head over to McKmama’s to read the rules and play along. It’s not fun.

First and foremost, I did not willingly expose my children to chicken pox this past week. I did not call up my good friend and ask if my healthy boys could play with her sick one. Don’t you all know that chicken pox is DEADLY and I would never, ever purposefully endanger my children by exposing them to a deadly virus? I’m not hoping my sweet children did in fact catch the chicken pox virus.

(Side note: in defending my actions to my sister, I ventured over to the CDC website. Did you know 1 in 1000 children have a seizure after the vaccine? And that 20% of children who receive the vaccine still catch Chicken Pox? I think I’ll take my chances thankyouverymuch)

Matt did not back into a car this morning. This is not the second time we’ve backed into the. exact. same. car. The police officer was not extremely nice. He did not tell the guy "You are just asking for an accident by parking in the street behind a driveway." I did not secretly smirk and feel vindicated on the inside. Nope, not me.

I did not sit on the couch way too late tonight eating peanut butter and graham crackers. This might not be the reason I am blogging at 11:17 at night. This late night eating also might not be contributing to Lottle as well.

And lastly, I am not on a Diaper Fluff High. I have not been shopping for cloth diapers for Emily all week. I am not pleased as punch with my purchases and I can’t wait to share. And cause I suck at keeping secrets, the following is not a preview:


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