Swimming, my hair, Gigi

Really anybody who knows me AT ALL, knows that I have a fascination with the swimming pool. Warm air, bright blue sky, the hot sun on my back. The pool is like food for my soul. Nothing makes me quite as happy as spending the day swimming. Or if I’m really honest, sitting beside the water with a People magazine, Dr. Pepper, and maybe a melted Snickers bar.

Have I mentioned I love the pool?

Bennett? Not so much.

As for Simon? Be still my heart. He loves the water as much as I do.

Further evidence:

(Pardon the fuzzy pictures. I know, they suck.)

Anyways, he went over and over and over again. Simon can also go down both slides. Do you see the yellow one in the background?? It spits you out super fast and although Simon looks/acts like he’s drowning, he still continues to go. And go. And go. And go.

I am hating the city pool though. Truth be told, I’m not really city pool girl material but I don’t have much of a choice. I need Club West back. The kids here are VERY naughty, I hear VERY inappropriate words, and see VERY little supervision going on from both the lifeguards and the parents. The lifeguards are watching the water but not so much anything else.

It’s probably a good thing though. I would hate to distract them by my beautiful children. Which by the way, when did they get so big?

And I figure that I might as well show you my swimsuit too. I am TOTALLY rocking the MOM-SKIRT.

Side note: These pictures are from Monday. I got my haircut yesterday and I HATE it. I am super bummed about it too. We are getting our pictures taken soon and my hair sucks. I’ve been going to the same guy (who is FABULOUS by the way) for TWO years and this is the first time I haven’t liked it. All that to say, don’t expect any more pictures of me anytime soon.

My Granny Sallee (Simon’s Gigi) here in Lawrence is sick. She is in the ICU due to pneumonia. Will you please pray for her?


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