Bullets because my creative brain’s got nothing:

*Coming softly from Bennett’s bedroom, "Mama? Daddy? MAAAAAMA? DAAAADY?" Repeat over and over.  No tears involved so as long as he’s happy, I’m happy. Apparently somebody’s not ready to sleep.

*My Grandma is doing much better. She’s recovering in the ICU but should come home tomorrow. Her heart started acting up but all is well now. We saw a lot of family this weekend, which was really nice.

*My Mom came up for the weekend. I love my Mom. My Dad is in Africa and while I love my Dad too, it’s so fun and relaxing when Mom comes alone. Dad comes home the 19th, so she’ll be back soon to pick him up from the airport. My Dad is a big game hunter and is on his 5th trip to South Africa. His stories and pictures are always amazing.

*My sister and I got in a huge fight on Saturday. I’m done for awhile. I’m mad, sad, and have hurt feelings. I have no plans to reconcile for the time being. It is not okay to suggest that I purposefully caused Simon’s anxiety problems. Help yourself. Period.

*I have an interview tomorrow for a part-time teaching position. Wish me luck!

*We are having pictures taken this week. Picking out clothes is annoyingly difficult. I still have not been able to find a dress for myself despite shopping all weekend long.

*Birthdays are right around the corner. Please, please, please stop the clock. I can’t believe it’s time for birthday pictures already.

*All is quiet now. I just peeked in B’s room and he’s snuggled up with his blankets.


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