Babywearing stash

In my post Simon but pre-hippy, pre-hadn’t ever even heard the word attached parent, pre-cloth diapering days I just knew I wanted to be a babywearer. I loved the idea of keeping Bennett close to me. I knew how quickly Simon had grown, and I wanted to keep Bennett little and near me. I also was determined to foster a close attachment. Simon loved his Daddy and Bennett was going to love me.

I literally began wearing Bennett the day we came home from the hospital. I started with Hotslings slings. The fit was perfect for me and Bennett was so happy to be worn. I completely gave up carrying the ridiculously heavy carseat and opted to always wear Bennett.

When Bennett turned 7 months old, I opted to try a Babyhawk Mei Tai. I enjoyed the Mei Tai, especially because it gave me the flexibility to wear Bennett on my back. I also purchased a reversible print so Matt could wear B. too. My favorite feature is the pocket. It was great for holding my cell phone and an extra diaper. 

Now that Bennett is nearing two years old and 28 lbs, I especially enjoy my Beco Butterfly. It is hands down the best carrier I have owned. And the best part? I won this carrier for free! Bennett’s weight is easily distributed across my back and hips. The buckles allow me to easily loosen and tighten the straps without pinching my love handles. The print choices are awesome and I simply LOVE this carrier.

Bennett is happy to be worn and I prefer having him so close to me. I never, ever bother with a stroller. It is just so easy to throw B up on my back and go. I really want to try a wrap for the best babe, but otherwise I have been so happy with my current carriers.

Hope you enjoyed a little sneak peek into my stash. If you want to see even more carriers and cute babies, then visit Adventures in Babywearing. She’s one of my favorite bloggers!

Audrey 🙂


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