My husband, my hero

Matt "fixed" the computer. Although I just plugged in the mouse and the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH came back. Oh no! Please go away Blue Screen. I dislike hate you. I guess I have to get used to not using a mouse, if it means I can still use my computer. I did manage to live whole 3 days without my computer.

It was tough.

I found myself reading actual books. And napping on the couch. And going to bed before midnight.

 Anyways, we purchased an external hard-drive and Matt backed up all my precious pictures. I only had 4,392 images on my computer.

Don’t tell me that I have a problem with self-control. 

No worries though. Everything is backed up and I might consider deleting a few pictures after I upload them to shutterfly or walgreens.  I promise to be better about uploading. And for the record, I only agreed to delete some pictures because Matt promised he would delete some of his music. He only has 3,400 songs.

I like to keep things fair. So for every picture that goes, he has to delete two songs.

Sounds like a guaranteed fix to me. 


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