Diaper Laundry

Unless you cloth diaper, you really don’t get the fun. Fluffy butts are cute. Taking pictures of clean diapers is fun too. Besides, it’s not any more work to cloth diaper, other than throwing them in the washing machine. All babies will have dirty diapers. Period. I figure that my washer is made to wash, so I let it do all the work. And for all the people who say "I won’t do cloth because it wastes water:" washing diapers every three days is equal to an adult flushing the toilet six times in one day.

On wash day, I simply forbid all my family members from flushing the toilet. It’s like the one day of the week when I don’t have to ask Simon if he a.) washed his hands and b.) flushed the toilet.

(Kidding. I’m kidding)

Here are my diapers OTD: (Out of the dryer)

Here’s a pretty Goodmama stack:

Here they are RTG: (ready to go:)

Roll call, left to right: Goodmama wetbag, pockets (Bg, FB, OBB), Goodmama Fitteds, and Double-stuffed BG for nighttime. Wipes in the middle.

And here’s my newest diaper:

Shut up haters who say that boys don’t wear hearts or necklaces. 

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