Finally, Thank you, Simon

If you need me, I’ll be away. Gone. No time for the computer.  No time to check my email.  No time to worry about my Stats

You see, I picked up a "new" book. 

It’s about vampires. ‘Betcha can’t guess what I’m finally reading.

Thank you DeAnna for the fun package. I can’t wait to do my first Blog giveaway. I’m thinking I will follow along with your theme. I certainly can think of atleast one thing that every girl needs. 

Simon’s doing great at Grandma’s house! He has had only 1 panic attack, which is pretty darn good for him. The tornado sirens went off and they think a small tornado (or microburst?) dropped down. He insisted that he was going home "right now! I wanna go home right now." 

In other related news, I spoke with him this morning and he told me two very important things:

1.) He misses his Daddy and Bennett. 
2.) He’s started taking showers. 

This is funny because he had previously mentioned that when he turned six years old, he was going to use the shower. I told him that he still has 12 more days but he didn’t care. I then asked if he was going to start going potty standing up too.

One benefit (out of a million) of never sending your kid to daycare and a lazy Daddy (overshare alert! oversharing again!): a still sitting six year old boy. 

I’ll take a clean toilet any day, thankyouverymuch! 


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