Birthday Week

UPDATE! UPDATE! The tooth is out. New post coming soon!

This little boy isn’t so little anymore. Simon’s SIXTH birthday is quickly approaching so that means it’s officially his "birthday week." In our home we don’t just celebrate birthDAYs. You get the entire week here.

Dinner’s his choice. Fun activities are up to him. Bathtime Showering is negotiable. 

So far, he’s wishing for some Lego Indian Jones stuff, a new pair of shoes, a set of markers, and to go off the high dive at the swimming pool. He would have jumped off by now, except I made the impromptu rule that only 6 year olds can jump off the high dive. 

The kid has no fear of normal things.
The last thing on his list? For the tooth-fairy to come. Can you see his beautiful, straight, bottom two middle teeth? They are SOOO close to falling out. He can wiggle them with his tongue. And the apple? Just a little something to encourage the process. Seriously. The gap surrounding the teeth are because they are so loose. 

He’s hiding his face because he didn’t want me to take his picture. I said I didn’t want him to eat the apple because I don’t want his teeth to fall out. Watch out Ugly Stage, here comes little Simon.

Happy Birthday Week Si-Man.

Mama loves you, even if you aren’t so little anymore.


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