Do you know what happens when one goes on vacation?

Very little blogging 


Very little laundry.

But we are home now and the boys and I managed to survive being with my family. I tell you, I love my Mother but it’s good to have my own life. Matt survived his vacation alone too. Working and sleeping, the things he does best. He also managed to get in ANOTHER car accident. More details on that tomorrow but I will say he is fine, the car is "fixable," and it wasn’t his fault.

Thank you sweet Jesus. 

The boys are EXHAUSTED and I’m looking forward to a schedule again. Bedtime for the boys before 10:30 each night would be awesome, as would sleeping in until at least 8:30. Matt’s currently putting Bennett to bed at the moment. Tonight begins "Operation Put Bennett to Bed Sans Plug Pacy." We’ll see how that goes.
It’s not going so well at the moment. He’s currently screaming his pretty little head off.

He is pretty though, isn’t he?*

Simon is busy playing Legos. Poor child didn’t get to actually play with any of his birthday toys before we left. 

 All in all, Colorado was a great trip. Simon and his cousins managed to not kill each other. Simon did manage to step on an old nail. It went through his entire flipflop and into his heel. My sister and I managed to get along for the most part. I won’t bore anybody right now with the 10,000 pictures we took. 

Except for this one:

It’s entitled: "I Love Sex but They Aren’t All Mine!" The looks (and questions!) from strangers was amazing. "Are they all yours?" (No.) "Triplets?" (No. Si is 6. Roan and Rowdy are 5. Ben is almost 2. Rhett and Reed are 5 months.) "How did that happen?" (Is that really any of your business?) "How much did they weigh?" (Around 4 lbs each time.) The questions do get tiring but it’s still fun. Seriously, how many families get two sets of twins?

I’ll miss them. We won’t see my sister until October. My sister is awesome, have I mentioned that? The babies are EXCLUSIVELY breastfed, no crap in a can for them. Mostly from a bottle though but breastmilk only. Rhett and Reed are also rocking cloth diapers too. I swear that I didn’t influence my sister in any way. 

(ha. ha.)

And now that this post has gone 10 different places, I’ll leave you with my agenda for the week. It’s FULL: 

  • Sit pool side. (My tan was sooo good and now it’s all gone to crap.)
  • Get a pedicure (My toes are TERRIBLE. I’m almost embarrassed.)
  • Laundry (Boo.)
  • Clean up and tend the garden. 
  • Catch up on my DVR.
  • Teach summer school. (2x boo. Summer school sucks.)

All those things can wait until tomorrow though. Right now I’m off to watch Weeds. Pretty boy is finally asleep. So much for my bedtime before 10:30 goal. 

*The pictures from Emily rock. I plan to use them sporadically throughout my blog. I love them all. Seriously. Maybe you should fly her to your house so she can take pictures of you too. 


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