Matt, car payments, and mouth hugs

Matt and I are trying really, really, really hard to get out of debt. Our current debt totals right now are this: $1,900 on the van and $8,900 on the credit card. In fact, some of you might remember this disgusting conversation we had a few weeks ago?

Well I decided to make good on Matt’s suggestion, pending we paid off the ENTIRE car in the month of July. Matt works really hard, so why not "reward" him. (BLEH. GAG ME.) Just a little motivation to keep Matt working hard. I honestly figured that we would never manage to have that much extra money in one month. And seriously, what MARRIED girl actually wants to follow through on that promise?

Certainly not me. So I wasn’t worried. We’ve only managed to make an $1100 payment in one month. I assumed we would never be able to make a $1900 payment. So I thought I was good to go. 

Until Matt was in another car accident this past week. And it wasn’t his fault. And the damage to the camry isn’t bad enough to fix. And the car insurance is cutting us a check for $798.

And then I started sweating and thinking about throwing up.

(Pray for me). 
($1100 + $798= $1898)
(Oh my sweet mercy. The van is going to be paid off this month!)

Yesterday we got the bi-monthly statement for the car. I opened it, interested in seeing how far we’ve come. (Also known as fretting over what was to come while being so proud that we’ve almost paid it off.) I saw the balance and immediately started screaming at Matt. 


I was right: our records are wrong and the bank is always right.  Although we have paid above and beyond every single month, our loan outlines that we pay the interest for the entire seven year loan. So we owe another $500 in interest. Even though we’ve paid off the car, six years early. Fucking bank is screwing us over. 

So it looks like we are going to be about $500 short on paying the van off this month. I’m not quite sure if I should be crying or laughing. If anybody has any extra work, I bet Matt would be interested.

He’s still promising he won’t be short.

I promise to keep you posted. 

As long as you promise to pray for me. Mmmkay? 

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