Operation take Bennett’s plug away was a failure. The first night was terrible: lots of screaming, crying, and demanding to be rocked to sleep. The 2nd night was better with zero crying but in an effort to remember correctly, I did rock him to sleep.

Just want to keep my facts straight.

The real problem was naptime. Bennett. would. not. nap. I can’t deal with a grumpy toddler who hasn’t napped. Matt especially could not deal with him because he ONLY wanted me. It’s not fun listening to Bennett scream, whine, and go fricken boneless while trying to escape out of Matt’s arms.

(Deep down inside I love it though.)
(The kid loves me. Alot.)

And of course, the icing on the cake happened when Bennett got really, really lucky. He found a spare plug hidden in the stepstool. His face was that of PURE JOY and he was all, "Don’t tell me that you left all the plugs in Colorado, Mom." Except that he can’t won’t doesn’t like to talk. 

So! For now, we gave in. The plug is back, and he’s a (mostly) happy kid again. It’s my week to teach summer school, so really the timing was off anyways. I’m working all day long (ahh, the horrors!) which means both boys are spread all over this week. A few days with Matt, a few days with friends, and some mornings at the Grandparent’s house= a stressed out toddler who needs his Mama and his plug.

We’ll try again soon. He really only has one now, unless he’s got some secret plug stash someplace. I’m thinking a trip to the hospital is in order, where we actually leave the lone plug with a baby. He certainly wasn’t buying my story. "I’m sorry Bennett. Your plug is all gone. I left it for Rhett and Reed." Hopefully leaving it will do the trick and we can move on. I’m only worried about  sleeping time anyway, cause Fat Boy loves his plug and his blankies, especially when he’s sleeping. 



But who am I kidding? I love the plug too, especially when it keeps him quiet. 


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