I love comments. Comments make me happy. Comments mean somebody other than Matt is actually reading my blog. I try and leave comments on other blogs too. The problem being: most of my friends use Blogger and not Livejournal. 


Let’s practice leaving comments from Blogger. Then we can cut down on the "anonymous comments" while directing traffic back to your own site. It’s like a win, win for everybody. I also have plans to do a super, fun, really hip and totally original  "Blog Give-Away" this month. You know you want the chance to win some good, green, and girly gifts. Raise your hand if you want a Diva Cup!

(You know you do!)
(I don’t  make this sh*t up. It’s good stuff.)

To leave a comment:

  • click OpenID
  • Enter your Identity URL. If you use Blogger, yours would be:
  • Check Log In
  • Leave me a comment. Tell me that you love me. Or hate me. Or that you think I’m funny. Or that my kids are beautiful. Or a funny story. Or how your like your eggs. You know, whatever is on your heart. 

I’m also pretty sure that you have to be currently logged into Blogger to make this work. Maybe Jana can let us know for sure, she seems to have figured it out.  

I’m counting on all ten of my followers to come out of google reader and leave me a comment. 

Ready! Set! Go! 


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