She doesn’t know

One of my really good friends from high school is pregnant with her first baby. She’s due soon. Soon being defined as in ‘could pop this baby out any day.’ She doesn’t know the sex of her baby nor does she know what’s in store for her.

She doesn’t know the weight , the fullness in her arms, of holding her very own newborn.

She doesn’t know the about the anxiety or the worry. 

She doesn’t know that the changes, the stretch marks, on her body are worth it.

She doesn’t know what it means to (really) think of another first.

She doesn’t know the joy that changes everything.

She doesn’t know that although she is miserable right now, she will look back and mostly remember excitement and anticipation. 

She doesn’t know overprotectiveness.

She doesn’t know that this is the beginning. Time will always be counted backwards to this date. 

She doesn’t know that her baby will be the most beautiful, the most special, the most wonderful baby in the whole wide world.

She doesn’t know about the choices that have to be made. 

She doesn’t know yet her new kind of normal. And when she thinks back on her life before the birth, she’ll have mostly forgotten what used to be so important.

She doesn’t know that before this time, her arms were empty.

She doesn’t know, I certainly didn’t. 


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