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Starting a post at 10:58 pm is probably not a good idea. I went to the pool by myself this afternoon. I took a little cat nap in my lounge chair. Needless to say, it was awesome. Anyways, I would also have started earlier but I had to get my TV fix in. It wouldn’t be Wednesday without So You Think You Can Dance SYTYCMFD and The Real World. 

And no, I’m not 17 years old again.

I just enjoy watching amazing dancers and drunk college kids. 

(Brandon looked HOT tonight. He’s my favorite guy!)
(And you all remember how I got knocked up in college? My wild days were short, people.)

So, onward and upward! I thought I would dedicate a post to Simon tonight. He’s rendezvousing with his grandparents (read: not presently annoying me with 23 million questions, not screaming, not jumping on my furniture, and not pestering his brother.) This all means my feelings towards him are warm and fuzzy. 

Kindergarten is looming closer and closer. (Only 3 weeks!) He’s counting the days while I’m thinking about how to stop the progression of time. We didn’t let him go last year and I am so glad. Summer birthday boys babies need an extra year at home. Kindergarten is NOT the same as when we were kids.

So, this is his year. He is developmentally ready to go. He knows 90% of his upper case letters, 50% lower case, and all letter sounds. (I predict that he will learn to read very quickly. Such a shame that no one bothered to teach him sooner.) He can count to 30 independently and to 100 with help. He is able to solve simple math problems. He’s working on telling time and understands the concepts of past, present and future. Days of the week, months of the year, shapes, colors, writing his name, numbers- he’s got it all.

He knows his address (most of the time), his phone number (most of the time) and how to tie his shoes. He can ride a bike, push himself on the swings and do a flip on the trampoline. He loves anything related to science and the arts. He knows everything a kid "needs to know" to enter kindergarten.

What doesn’t he know?

That some people like to hurt others with words and actions.
That some kids are naughty.
That some kids are really, really naughty.
That school lasts all day, every day.
That you have to raise your hand to talk.
That it’s killing me to not be there.
That not everyone is going to think you are wonderful.
That, in fact, some people might not like you at all.
That school is more than art and science (sorry kid).
That some boys pee standing up.
That school can be hard.
That people are different.

Little boy blue eyes, you will learn that school is the most amazing, fun, and worthwhile experience of your life so far. You will learn so much.

Now, if only we decide to let you go. 

I know he’ll be fine.
I know he’ll be fine.
I know he’ll be fine.

If I keep repeating myself, I might start to believe it. 


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