Pictures (again)

Here I am, shamelessly showing off pictures (again). Today’s edition features Bennett’s birthday. I feel a little guilty because I didn’t share many pictures of Simon’s birthday last month. Simon, I’m sorry I didn’t share your pictures. You were cute too. Simon, you’re still my favorite.

First, an obligitory picture with the birthday boy. Aren’t we all so good-looking?

Before the party, we ran around cleaning and creating. Bennett took his nap while Matt and I tried to create an airplane cake. It was an EPIC FAIL. Remind me next year, I am NOT GOOD AT DECORATING CAKES. I can make it all from scratch but need to stick with simple, square 9×13 inch pans. The problem is the icing. I made it too runny (again) which caused the sides to fall down (again). The hot temperature didn’t help either. Look it’s a melted plane wreck!

Then, the guests began arriving. Bennett was surprised by all the balloons and felt the need to share. I like to think that he’s a LOVER with GOOD MANNERS.

The kids immediately ran outside to jump on the trampoline. Apparently they didn’t notice that it was 90 degrees outside. The adults noticed, however, when their stinky bodies came back inside after 3.4 minutes of jumping. Bennett was cooler than the other kids because (again) HE NEVER WEARS PANTS.

Next, we jumped right into the presents. Bennett knew exactly what to do and had ZERO problems ripping the paper off each and every gift. He had a lot of little helpers too but (again), HE’S A LOVER and didn’t mind.

Now, before you ask me about the ADORABLE t-shirt, I’ll just go ahead and save you the trouble. My good blogging AND in-real-life friend, Chelse, made it for him. Now, go visit her blog and request your own. Though I’m sorry to say, your t-shirt probably won’t be as cute as B’s t-shirt because it will be on your kid and not my kid and (again) my kid is the cutest kid in the world. See? It even has his name on the back. 

After presents, we moved on to the cake. Bennett was cool, knew just what to do.

Then we ate the plane wreck. Bennett was cool (again) and used his manners to keep himself all neat and tidy. It wasn’t as much fun as last year, seeing how he used his fork and all, such a difference 1 year can make.

And then the party was over. All our family and friends left. We cleaned the house (again) and I took one more picture. No more birthday celebrations for another year. 

Happy Birthday to both of my sweet babies. You’re still (both) my favorite.

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