Yours truly

Dear Mrs. K,

It was so nice to meet you last night. I’m so glad that you immediately recognized Simon. I’m sure it had nothing to do with studying his picture from the round-up and more to do with remembering his smashing personality and amazing ability to dazzle others.

I would have liked to chat with you more. You see, there are lots of things I want to tell you. Like how he’s really worried about fire drills, resting time and eating lunch in the Cozy Cub Cafe. I wanted to tell you about his obsession with potty talk. Or about how occasionally he suffers from anxiety. I would have told you how excited he is to learn to read and how he can’t wait to do art projects again.

I would have told you that I’m a teacher too. I would have told you that I’m really not "one of those parents," that hover around school thinking that their kid is the best or that their kid would never do such a thing. I thought about giving you my email address, cell-phone number, business card, home-number, pager, twitter name, and blog address just in case. I just want you to be able to contact me. I am here for you, Mrs. K.

See, there were lots of things I would have liked to say. I’m sorry I didn’t. In fact, I’m sorry if you thought I was rude for not making eye contact. I’m just hoping that you didn’t notice. The truth is, I didn’t even want to come at all. My supportive, wonderful Daddy, funny ("it’s not a tumor"), non-cheating, stable, meat and potatoes husband made me come. He insists that nobody noticed.


We really are "looking" forward to a great school year. I just ask that you please, please, please do not ruin my baby. If so, I will be forced to give you the evil eye. We can’t wait to "see" you on Friday, hopefully I won’t be the only one crying.

Yours truly, 

Audrey Pool
Simon’s – over-protective, knows-it-all, still stye suffering, is a teacher too  – Mama 

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