School, garage sell, work

His first day went great! He didn’t have any trouble and exclaimed that it was "lots fun." He ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, corn, fruit and milk for lunch. They learned about the letter P ("Polly Panda Paints Pictures on Pizza Pans and stuff.") He didn’t have to move his name off the happy frog and "not a single kid got sent to the principal’s office." They went to the gym for PE and played outside at recess. They read The Kissing Hand and painted their hands.

He had a good day.

I did not. (I’m kidding.) (Sorta). I did make it through the day without him. I spent the day preparing for our garage sell, so I had plenty to keep me busy. It will be so different without my constant sidekick. Simon has NEVER been in daycare and went to preschool with me. This past year was his first time to ever be away from me and it was only for 3 afternoons a week.

He is always with me.
And now he won’t be.

It makes me sad. Dropping him off was difficult. I wiped a few tears away but held it together. I might have worn my sunglasses inside the building as Matt and I were leaving. I didn’t want anybody to see my tears or my stye. (My stye. It’s still there. I’m so annoyed. I am now on an oral antibotic though.) Anyways, Simon specifically asked Matt and I to leave. When I just asked him why, he said "I want to be by myself at school. And I won’t be afraid of the lunchroom because I’ve already been at school at St. Joes. And I didn’t want you taking pictures of me in school."

Such a big boy who doesn’t need his Mama anymore.

I think I’ve done well enough. I measure my success in the fact that he is happy, secure, confident, and ready to take on new challenges.

I’ll adjust. He will adjust. Change is difficult but something that is a part of life. Besides, I am anticipating lots of quiet time, library storytime without complaints, wandering trips around Target, and long afternoon naps. You’ll have to remind me again why I was so worried.

We had a garage sell this morning. We made $180- which will all go towards our debt! I never updated our debt totals at the beginning of the month. We are still sitting around $8900 on the credit card and $800 on the van. We are waiting for the $250 deductible check from Matt’s accident. IF that comes by the end of August we should hopefully pay off the van.

Cross your fingers for us.
It’s gonna be a tight month.

Did I mention that I am unemployed at the moment?

I said goodbye to St. Joseph’s for awhile and agreed to substitute for the Lawrence Public Schools. I plan on subbing 2 full days a week. Budget-wise, I need to bring in around $500 a month. Anything more will go towards our debt. It’s so weird to not be participating in the back to school rush/teacher workdays. I secretly love it though. If my co-workers or parents are reading, hi!  

Good-bye for now. Hope you are having fun. See you in January?

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