Lottle Love, pictures (but not of lottle)

Lottle has gotten lots of love and fondling these days. Every so often, I reach up and lovingly feel the lump. It’s still there. It’s still giving me anxiety. I’m still certain it’s cancer.

The doctor confirmed it’s not cancer or a cyst. It’s only a swollen lymph node. I am instructed to leave it alone. Stop touching it. Stop googling it. Seriously, let’s pause for a minute and talk about Googling. If you think you might be dying from a lump in your neck, do NOT google  "lump in neck," "cyst in neck," "cyst under skin on jaw," or any other variation of the above.

The results are scary. DON’T DO IT. You will be consumed with thoughts of leaving your children. Of death. Of dying.

I will have another scan in October. We’ll be checking to see if it has gone away or gotten smaller. Pray that it does. Until then, I’m keeping my hands off lottle. 

Thanks for the comments, concern, and phone calls. We all appreciate it.

Onward! How ’bout we look at pictures of my adorable children instead? We’ve done nothing exciting. Kindergarten has put a cramp in our style. The kid is t.i.r.e.d. and c.r.a.n.k.y after school. He’s not a lot of fun. So consider yourself warned: the following pictures are boring. First up, eating messy BBQ ribs and baked beans for dinner. Yum.

We also went swimming. The weather has been really nice but, in turn, made the water really cold. I wouldn’t know of course, because my job is to sit on the edge and look pretty. I like to keep my camera in hand as well. That way I can scream- DO NOT SPLASH ME. I DO NOT WANT TO GET MY HAIR WET. I HAVE THE CAMERA. It works out well for everyone, but especially Matt because he has to get in with the kids.
This picture makes me laugh. I want to pinch Matt’s nipple. TMI? My bad.



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