6 months

These aren’t even my kids. They do meet my qualifications for proper baby upbringing though: adorable, don’t wear paper diapers, haven’t ever tasted formula, haven’t been given crap off the table canned crap babyfood (Before ONE just for FUN), like to be worn, wear funky necklaces, have penises, and they are adorable. Did I mention they are adorable little baby boys? We only get boys in our family, so the penis is a requirement. I wouldn’t know what to do with a girl. 

Wait. Yes I do. I would dress her in beautiful, fluffy, girly cloth diapers. She would wear pink and yellow but not purple. I hate purple. 

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Go KU!

Oh, sorry. Where was I? Can you believe it’s already been 6 months since their birth?  Rhett is on the left and Reed is on the right in the top 2 pictures. 


I love these babies.

The end.


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