Torture, babies

Sometimes, just for fun, I like to torture Bennett. I know that typically, torture is usually handled by the bigger sibling. But Simon’s gone at school all day so somebody has to do it. 

My sister used to put ice in my underware. And lock me out of the house after school. Or make me hit myself while screaming, ‘stop hitting yourself.’ One time, she even set the timer on the stove and told me it was the fire alarm. 

That my friends,  was the stuff of nightmares.

Bennett, on the other hand, dreams of the day when I don’t force him to try on his old hand-be-down new Halloween costume. 


I think it’s time I had another baby so that I have something else to do.  What do you think? At least Bennett would be the torture-er vs. the torture-e.

Speaking of babies! My bestest friend, Jennifer, is being induced tonight. She watched my delivery of Bennett and has invited me into the delivery room for baby Claire. I’ve never experienced birth other than with my legs split wide open.

I’m guessing it’s going to be a whole ‘nother perspective on giving birth!

I can’t wait for the tookie show! Prepare yourself for some good pictures! And blogging happiness!


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