Carseat safety, again.

Last time I played along at Kelly’s Korner, I had quite a few hits the highest number of hits ever on my blog. It made my heart swell with pride. So, of course, I decided to play along again today. BRING ON THE READERS.

This week’s topic in Show us Your life is BABY GEAR. I love babies. I’ve even had two of my own, so obviously I am an expert.

So! Here’s my list of things I could not live without:

  1. Boobs for breastfeeding
  2. Cloth diapers for bums
  3. A pretty sling/wrap for wearing
  4. And an appropriate carseat

Obviously I could talk about these essential baby gear items. (But honestly, I think I’ve talked about my boobs enough.) Or I could talk about how every other product is crap to waste your money on. But nope! Instead I’m going to focus on one thing: carseat safety. Because everybody needs a carseat. And because everybody needs to know the importance of extended rearfacing. 

I’m a visual girl, so let’s start with a video:

Was that not convincing enough? Let’s talk statistics: it is FIVE TIMES SAFER to keep babies rearfacing. Twenty pounds and 1 year is the MINIMUM requirement.  Babies should remain rearfacing until they have hit the MAXIMUM height and weight for their particular convertible carseat or until two years of age. 

Bennett at 26 months old and about 26 lbs sits rearfacing in an Evenflow Triumph Advance. He does not know the difference. He does not want to sit like a big kid. He does not complain that his legs hurt. (AND if he did complain, I wouldn’t care. Suck it up buttercup. I would much prefer him to have a broken leg over a broken neck!).

So there you go. Aren’t you glad you asked?

You’re welcome.

Audrey 🙂

PS. You don’t have to leave me a comment, but if you do, here are instructions. If you stop by, I promise to stop by your blog too!

P.P.S. Matt bought me a pumpkin today. He rocks. 


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