Fall family fun

It was a cold and blustery day.

So we loaded up the coats, hats, scarves.
And we were soon on our way to play.

Our goal was to have fun,
Keep our attitudes in check.
We bundled up warmly, despite the lack of sun.

I snap another picture
‘Cause first up is a ride on the big tractor.
Simon and Bennett love the adventure.

Meanwhile Grandpa points to his hat,
like anybody cares about those dumb Wildcats!

In search of the perfect pumpkin,
we head out into the field of mud.
"Mama look! Pumkin," says my sweet little bumpkin.

One of the Si-man too.
"I don’t mind the cold wind,
I’m having a blast," he said while he grinned.

Our mission complete,
our pumpkins are sweet.

Matt shows off our booty.
Simon picked out that GREEN beauty!

The fun as been had,
I know you feel sad.
But please, please, please look at me,
Don’t make me get mad!

Bennett! Simon! Look at me!
One last picture, I guarantee.

Oh, fine, I give up!

But before I go,
I must remind my whole family, what they already know:

This Mama is always right.
(You can’t hide your delight.)

Grandma and Grandpa- you are glad that you went along.
I told you, I am never wrong.

Despite the cold weather, we had tons of fun!
You’re welcome. 


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