Friday Night Confessional, week 2

It felt good to confess my sins a couple of weeks ago. Very similar and reminiscent of Not Me Mondays, but a little less confusing. I am usually working Mondays anyway and so I haven’t played along in a long time. SO! I’ll just confess my sins here. Who feels like joining me?

I’ll go first:

1. Yesterday’s post, while a good one, was not a lame attempt for people to tell me that I was not a mean girl. (Did you catch that? Confused? No? Good.)  It was nice, however, to hear I was not a mean girl in high school. I’m not going to lie. 

2. This blog makes me look like a better Mother than I really am. I yell too much. I lose my patience. Simon speaks and I hear myself, my tone, coming out of him. It makes me cringe. 

3. The mouth hugs that keep coming up? Happen once, like, every 15,434 months. But they sure are fun to talk about. 

4. Noah was in a cat fight. Apparently he lost because his battle wound is costing me $331.97 in Vet bills.

5. I just spent $331.97 on that dumb cat. Seriously. I am pretty darn sure the cat is not worth that much money. For the record, I did not have THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS in my budget. I did pay cash though. DUMB CAT.

6. I have the worst eating habits ever. I eat way too much junk food. I drink pop everyday. I let Bennett drink out of my pop can just so he will shut up be quiet.  Simon didn’t taste pop until he was at least three years old. Bennett? Has a few sips every couple of days. 

7. Simon is watching his third movie of the day. He didn’t have school today and it’s COLD outside. This is no excuse, I know, but this does prove that I don’t always have it all together.

8. Sometimes I get tired of being the Mom. Today I : got donuts for breakfast, watched Cari’s boys from 7:30-12:00, did an art craft with four boys and BLACK paint (I like to torture myself), made bacon sandwiches for lunch, did 4 loads of laundry, took Noah to the Vet twice (with both boys. Torture, again), went to the bank, read books, washed and changed diapers, and cleaned up nonstop after the boys.

9. I am tired. I want a maid.

Your turn! Anonymous comments always welcome.


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