So sorry

I’m sorry that I’ve been neglecting you, LJ. It’s been almost THREE DAYS without an update. I’m sorry that I haven’t been charming and witty. You see, I’ve been working this week . Working is something that I have generally been avoiding since, oh I don’t know, mid-May. You remember, right? When my boss and I couldn’t agree?

Anyways, I’ve been doing a bit of substitute work but usually just on Monday’s. I consider it a good MONTH if I manage to work five whole days. But right now, I’ve agreed to work five whole days IN A ROW. A teacher called asking me to sub in her room while she gets married. (Being requested by a teacher- such a compliment. It does good things to my confidence. I rock as a teacher. Don’t ya know?)

And we can’t forget that Christmas is coming as I’d hate to disappoint my spoiled rotten children. I need the cash. But working FIVE DAYS in a ROW? It’s killing me slowly, LJ. I’m tired. I’m worn out. My patience is thin.

My husband manages to GET SHIT DONE, YO so my house is still pretty clean. Matt even made enchiladas while spoiled rotten children and I watched TV. Speaking of spoiled rotten children, we did have a minor miscommunication about picking Simon today up from school. I thought Matt was picking Simon up. Matt thought I was picking Simon up.

Nobody went to pick Simon up from school.

So, see LJ? It’s not so bad. At least you aren’t the only one being neglected.

Just ask Simon.


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