Coolest cookies ever

I made the COOLEST COOKIES EVER last week for Simon’s parent-teacher conferences. And while I wussed out and did not go listen to the Pioneer Woman, I know that she would be proud. And let’s be truthful here, sometimes I even impress myself.

Start with braided pretzel twists and different colored candy melts.

Warm the candy melt in the microwave. Dip one half of the pretzel and let it cool on wax paper.
After the first side has cooled, dip the other side. Let the pretzels cool again.
Pause to take a picture with Matt. Gosh we are he is cute.
I’m realizing now that I don’t have any pictures of the next few steps. Sorry. I failed again. Basically go here (or email me and I’ll send you the file) and save the file to your computer. Spend entirely too long editing the file. Beg your husband to print the paper at work.


Cut the paper.

Find some tape.

Tape paper around pretzel.

And Ta-dah! The finished result is: the coolest crayon-pretzel-cookie things ever.

And while I’m not confident enough to attend a book signing all by myself, I am confident enough to say that these flippin’ rock.

I told you the Pioneer Woman would be proud.


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