I win

Oh, well HELLO there little blog people. I know what you are thinking. You have a blog? A blog that used to post daily updates about random crap?

So sorry for my lack of communication. This life of mine has been busy doing things like caring for young children, praying for the sick, traveling, knitting blankets for newborn babies, cooking elaborate meals for the homeless and working.

So random points to sum up the last two weeks:

1. Counting the days of school (not counting weekends/Thanksgiving) I worked SEVEN out of EIGHT of those days. That’s a lot of work, especially for somebody that doesn’t really like (read: hates) to work. It’s safe to say though, I will have plenty of money for Christmas presents. (100 points for me.)
(Read: my children are spoiled rotten brats who get everything they have ever wanted.)

I read a post some place where somebody said they were getting their children 4 things only: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. And I’m all HMMM…NO THANK YOU.

2. Speaking of Christmas, DUDE. Seriously? It doesn’t seem like it’s time for Christmas already. I have two flowering pots outside my house. No worries though, our Christmas tree has been cut and is standing proudly in my living room. I stuffed my inner tree-hugging ways down and insisted until Matty found a tree farm in Wichita.

3. My tree looks beautiful [USE YOUR VISUALIZATION SKILLS] I only yelled a little bit when the children helped me decorate. (98 points for me.) I yelled but only a little.

4. OOPS. I forgot about Thanksgiving. If I wasn’t too lazy and I remembered how to blog, (MINUS 15 points) I would copy/paste/rearrange my random points. But alas, I am lazy. So, um Thanksgiving. Yeah, it was wonderful. I did not cook. I did not clean. I did, however, do my best to eat too much food and sleep as much as possible. We stayed at the in-law’s house for four days. We ate, slept, and made merry.

5. I did not take a single picture of Thanksgiving. I did steal a few from my SIL Tara. (100 points for her.) I wouldn’t want you to suffer withdrawal though and so I will share some of her pictures. Let the record show that I am deeply saddened and must apologize, DeAnna, but Bennett is wearing pants.

6. The end. I win.

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