All we want for Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving. A time to bless others with kind thoughts, considerate acts, and warm wishes.

Who am I kidding? Christmas wouldn’t really be Christmas without a few presents too.

So! Just in case anybody wants to bless my family, I’ve complied a small list of gifts worth giving. I’ll even provide some links because I’m nice like that.

First up, the LOVE CHILD:
He really wants to ditch his Daddy’s skateboard and own his very own skateboard. He would die a thousand deaths if somebody would buy him a Nintendo DS Lite and some games too. Of course, he’s always pleased with legos in the form of Star Wars or Indian Jones. You can’t go wrong if you purchase anything related to the arts (markers, paint, new paper, an easel) either. Rounding out his Christmas nicely would be some new clothes from Old Navy (size 6/7), fresh non-holey socks, and some new pj’s.

Next up, the BABY:
Bennett wants LOTS of fun stuff. First up, he wants a full-sized mattress and box springs. (No, really he does. He’s ready to ditch the cage crib.) He also wants this quilt from PB Kids to match the walls of his bedroom. He wants another set of these Construction sheets. In terms of toys, Bennett thinks this wooden bicycle would rock. He might also like a set of nice toy animals, a baby doll, a plane, train or automobile, or a nice shopping cart too. It never hurts to have more clothes (size 2-3) and of course he wants some new diapers. (Duh.) Bennett DOES NOT want anything plastic that makes LOUD noises or requires batteries.

The MAN of the HOUSE:
Mr. OMGB doesn’t want that much. He’s a strange one. I KNOW. What’s even stranger is that he wants SHOES for Christmas. He would be happy with some new ugly fat skate shoes and a new pair of trail running shoes (Not for actual running, mind you. We rarely exercise around these parts.) He wouldn’t mind Rob Bell’s new book for some light reading either. (My husband loves Jesus.) Maybe an Itunes gift card so he can download some fresh music. Lastly, he’d like some new socks to go with all this shoes. CLASSIC list, my friends.

And, of course, we can’t leave out ME:
Well, where should I begin? The camera that was never purchased last year? (PLEASE? With sugar on top?) Perhaps a GPS system for the van? I know read about lots of people who love Vintage Pearl and I think I would too. Jamie pointed out Simply Silhouettes the other day and I would LOVE a canvas silhouette of the Si-man and B-dog. OH! And I want a waterproof tablecloth so I can craft without YELLING at my children. New clothing (like I’m going to tell you my size), perfume, colorful socks, and pretty panties make me happy too. Lastly, I think a print version of my blog is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Of course, if you would like to just send kind thoughts, warm wishes, and consider acts we’d gladly accept those too.

I’m sure Mr. OMGB has enough pairs of shoes anyway.


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