Christmas come early, part 2

Let’s just preface this blog post with an important note:  I just spent WAY TOO MUCH time reading Juno quotes, honest to blog. So if you happen to wonder why I’ve thrown in extra special words like ‘homeskillet’ you’ll know why.

So! Moving on! Recently, my friend, Jami, did a great blog post,  No Fail, This Will Get You Some Action, which was all about great Christmas presents. (Does it seem like too many commas are in that sentence? Deal with it.) 

(A funny story about Jami: we went to church together for like two years. We weren’t friends then. But now? The internet brings people together better than any church potluck dinner ever could. The internet is a magical place, I tell you. And Jami Junebug has a wonderful sense of humor. It’s just one of her many genetic gifts.)

(Go ahead and add her to your reader. I’ll wait.)
Anyways, Jami posted about Simply Silhouttes and I decided right then and there I WANT ONE. Ok, lie. I really said I WANT TWO cause, you know, I have two boys and all. 
It all started two years, four months, and eighteen days ago when I fell in love with this sweet little profile:

How could you not love that sweet profile? I want to frame it up and save it forever. I immediately started planning how to get what I wanted. First up, taking a good profile picture of both Simon and Bennett. Bennett’s was super easy to take. And although I sometimes want to kick his little monkey butt, most of the time he’s just so stinkin cute. I can’t handle it.

Here’s the picture we got of Bennett. He’s actually talking to Matt. If you had been there, reader, you would have heard Bennett say, "Silencio, Old Man."

Next up was Simon. Simon is totally boss. He is the cheese to my macaroni despite the fact that we had to take about ten million pictures. I screamed orders the entire time. Put your shoulders down! Chin up! Relax your face! Close your mouth!

And if it is any consolation I have heartburn that is radiating in my knee caps and I haven’t taken a dump since like Wednesday… morning. I’m sorry. I want to fit it but I can’t find a place. I guess we’ll just let it stand alone:

And if it is any consolation I have heartburn that is radiating in my knee caps and I haven’t taken a dump since like Wednesday… morning.

So, ready to see the finished results?

I’m in love. Thanks Jami and the team at Simply Silhouettes!



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