Part 1 of 3: Christmas Eve

I’m back from a little blogging vacation. Did ya miss me? I went home, for EIGHT DAYS, and managed to stay away from the computer. I also managed to successfully not see a single person from my high school.

Victory is mine. 

I even managed to stay out of the grocery store with my Mother. God bless her but I really have no desire to talk with every single person I see in Great Bend. And going to the grocery store with her means knowing every single person there. It’s painful. I’m not kidding either. She knows everyone and talks to everyone. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E even the little old man who pushes your cart out for you.

Bonus for living here in Lawrence: we hardly know anyone which is good considering I don’t like to shower every day. And especially good because I always sometimes occasionally wear the same outfit over and over again.

(Have I overshared again? Please forgive me.)

Anyways, back to my original point: Christmas Eve. It was spent at my Grandma Cale’s house. My sister, Eliza and her husband Eric, were already home. Everyone got dressed up and ready to go. Here we are looking festive: 

Speaking of Liza, apparently she was on the nice list this year. (I’m always on the nice list.) We didn’t get into one single argument. We didn’t say any mean words to each other. Her husband didn’t even try and abuse wrestle my children until they cried.

It was a Christmas miracle. 

Eventually, my other sister and her family made it to Great Bend. A huge snowstorm almost prevented them from making it. I would have died if I hadn’t gotten to see both sets of my twin nephews. 

Seriously, you would have found me dead on the floor surrounded in wrapping paper, empty wine bottles, and unopened gifts. 

I just can’t handle their cuteness. Rhett is in the green and Reed is in the red: 

After Susannah arrived we opened presents. Simon got a new lego set. Bennett got some trucks and a gift card to PB kids. Matt got some special grill plate that allows him to cook bacon outside and I got my silhouettes of Simon and Bennett. 


Stay tuned for what’s up next in my three part series of boringness: Christmas Day!


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