Part 2 of 3: Christmas Day

My Mom and Dad live in a large 4 bedroom home with a formal living room, family room, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen and finished basement. You would think that this would be enough room to handle our three families.

Except when you consider the number of people: me, Matt, Simon, Bennett, Susannah, Jim Bob, Roan, Rowdy, Rhett, Reed, Liza, Eric, Grandma and Grandpa. And, of course, the three dogs: Lizzy, Boone, and Josie. So in all: 14 people and 3 large dogs.

It was a full house. Luckily, my brother-in-law Jim Bob (yup, that’s his name. His full name is James Robert but he likes to screw with people. He’s not ashamed or embarrassed.  I know.), agreed to sleep in the basement with the older boys. It really worked out great for him considering he didn’t have to listen to a single screaming baby.

And we had plenty of screaming baby going on. 

Interestingly enough, we didn’t really have any screaming adults. Everyone got along nicely. I suspect that some people were medicated, but I’m not saying any names. *cough cough Grandma/Liza cough cough*

But let’s just not talk about that. Instead, let’s talk about Christmas morning!


If gifts = love, then my family is LOVED. Seriously. 

Both boys got new jammies. Simon received a skateboard, socks, and candy from Santa, DS from Grandma, a DS game, Colorforms, clothes, the game Trouble, a Lego set, tons of art supplies (paint, easel, etc), a rubix cube, a remote control car, and a new book from R&R. Bennett received a shopping cart, trashtruck, socks, and a Goodmama diaper from Santa, a toy alligator, elephant and baby elephant, some books, wooden food, markers, Mr. Potato head, and some new clothes. 

I raked it in this year. (I told you I’m always on the nice list.) I got silhouettes, a necklace from Vintage Pearl, a table cloth for crafting, a Garmin GPS, socks, and some panties from American Eagle. And maybe the full-sized bed was really for me. I’ll never tell. Or maybe the full-sized bed was really for Matt since he hates sleeping children in his bed. Or maybe the bed was because I’m really pregnant and our baby girl needs the crib. Like I said, I’ll never tell. 

Matt received new running shoes, ugly skate shoes, a Klean Kanteen water bottle (with a sippy lid, cause he’s 3 years old), socks, a camping mat, Rob Bell’s new book, and some warm winter clothing. 

Later that day, we went back to Grandma’s house. We ate food. The kids ran around and annoyed everyone. 

(Yes, that’s an orange FB on Reed. Of course my sister uses cloth. She breastfeeds too, sucka!)

Coming up tomorrow (or maybe tonight since I have no plans for New Years Eve and I’m a loser): the last of our Christmas pictures. Stay tuned!


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