Lovey-mushy stuff

Hey everyone! It’s me, Bennett!

Can you look over here for just a second? Look! Here! At me! Smile!

I want to take your picture with my new camera. Don’t be afraid of showing off your Lottle. Nobody will care. Just smile.


I’m just really excited. Mama gave me her old camera. I can’t get it to work very well though. Mama didn’t mention it being broken but, now that I think about it, we did take it to the indoor swimming pool the other day. Whatev, Mom. I’m just excited! A camera! For me!

Mom’s excited too. Daddy bought her a new camera. He even negotiated the price with the clerk and he paid cash. Daddy’s always doing that- buying more stuff for Mama.

I think it’s because Daddy loves Mama a lot. He’s always doing things for her, buying her stuff, letting her sleep late in the mornings. I kinda think she’s spoiled. See that Vintage Pearl necklace? From Daddy. The camera? From Daddy. The shirt? From Daddy  5 dollars from Old Navy. 

It’s a bit overwhelming, all this lovey-mushy stuff.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the photographic evidence:

Mama would DIE if she knew I was posting that picture. I bet she would think she looks funny. Oh well. The truth is…I’m not afraid. She is funny! I love my Mama a lot. She’s my favorite.

The good news is that I think she loves me too.

I just hope that when I grow up, I find somebody to love. I promise to love them just like my Daddy loves my Mama. 

He’s the best.  



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