It’s been cold here this past week. Penetratingly chilly. Frigid. Polar. So cold you could freeze your nippies off.

The low temperature felt like negative 22 degrees.  Should we write that in word form: TWENTY TWO DEGREES BELOW ZERO.

So, roughly the same temperature as Antarctica? Or perhaps the North Pole? Not surprisingly, it was cold enough that school was canceled for two days. We’ve also had like 18 million inches of snow.

Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. We didn’t actually get 18 inches, more like 10.

I’ve lived in Kansas my whole life but I’ve never before been in a blizzard like this. The winds created huge snow drifts (3 ft high), tons of accidents, and produced some very excited children. And although it was is cold outside, I wouldn’t actually know anything about it. I wore the same sweatpants, t-shirt, and hooded sweatshirt for three days in a row. Our fireplace was on 16/24 hours and the little boys and I did not leave the house.

(Except if you count a trip to Target for more peanut butter (a staple around here) or today when we went to church.)
(I wore my slippers into target.)
(Bad idea.)

It’s also a good thing Bennett got a lot of pajamas for Christmas. He’s worn footed pjs every single day. Or at least until bedtime, when he gets a fresh pair.

I consider the whole thing a success though. We’ve managed to stay rather busy and not once did I think about eating any of my children.

We’ve done a bit of painting:

We’ve done a bit of baking:

And we’ve done some science experiments:

Unfortunately, we have to return to school tomorrow. The good news is that the high for tomorrow is 33 degrees.

Just warm enough that my nippies won’t freeze.

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