Small Spy Guy Saves the Day

If there is anything Simon loves, it’s Legos. He loves them in the morning. He loves them in the day time. He loves them in the evening.

He builds Star Wars characters. He builds robots. He builds spaceships, cars, and hover-crafts. He builds houses. He puts the heads together to form long towers of Lego people heads.

He builds horses. And Droids. And Boba Fett.

When he’s home, Lego building is all he does (besides pestering Bennett and jumping off my furniture) and he does it all day long.

I love Legos too. He’s quiet when he’s building. His eyes concentrate on the task at hand. Once the building and creating is finished- he wants to talk.

His stories, though, they go on and on forever. (I wonder where he gets it from?) 

"What do you think of this one? It’s a duck-robot-shooter with binoculars. He can see in the dark, Mama."

"Did you know that, Mama? Did you know that duck-robot-shooters can see in the dark?"

"They can. Robot-duck-shooters can see in the dark with binoculars and when the bad guy is coming they shoot them down. Like this: [Insert gun sound] and then the guy falls down and then he breaks his skull open and then his brains spill out everywhere."

"Really," I say. "And then what? What happens next?" I ask. 

"The vacuum car comes and sucks up all the brains. And he sucks up all the brains with his super powerful sucker hose and then the car drives off but he gets stopped by Small Spy Guy and then Small Spy Guy comes over and then he says: STOP or I wll shoot."

"Small Spy Guy? Who is Small Spy Guy? Why would Small Spy Guy want to shoot the vacuum car? I think the vacuum car is doing a good thing, don’t you think? I wouln’t want to clean up any brains. Would you?"

"Well, Mama, Small Spy Guy doesn’t have any brains and he needs brains so that he can beat the Clone Troopers. And then he uses his arms to shake the brains out of vacuum car but first he says STOP I NEED YOUR BRAINS. I WILL SHOOT."


"Excellent. So glad that I asked."

Did I mention that I love Legos too? I love that for 8 minutes of every hour Simon can actually be quiet. The other 42 minutes? 

Spent telling stories like so.

Maybe he’ll have a blog someday and he can write down all his great stories. Of course, they will never be as great as the story of Small Spy Guy shooting up vacuum car to get his own brains from duck-robot-shooter.


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