Unsolicited advice giver

I haven’t even begun to potty train Bennett. I’m of the opinion that potty training, like life in general, can be difficult or it can be easy. And if I know anything, it’s this: take the easy way out. Go down the path of least resistance.

It’s true. You can start potty training earlier and work for months and months. Or you can start training later and work for a shorter time. Of course, my experience is limited only to Simon and a handful of children that I worked with at St. Joseph’s. (read: I am an obviously an expert.)

But as with all things related to child-rearing, I kinda view myself as an expert. Doing Babywise with your kid? Expect an email from me. Post a picture of your baby on Facebook? Know that I am scouring the background looking for bottles. Put your kid in a paper diaper? Feel sorry for you. 


Cause sadly, it’s true. I’m just here to give unsolicited advice. Baby not sleeping through the night? Put him in your bed. Baby is hungry? Put her on the boob. Baby hates his carseat? Get over it. Giving your baby solids? No-no. Letting her cry-it-out? Double no-no.

Baby showing signs of being ready to potty train? Ignore all cues. Continue slapping diaper on bum.

Cause you know what they say? "Diaper on bum? No big kid can he become."



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