Good news

Today has been a very good day and I’ve got two bits of very exciting news to share. If you don’t want to talk about money, don’t read the following. If you want to talk about potty training, go back to the previous post. If you think it’s annoying that I have to put disclaimers on blog posts, raise your hand.

*raises hand*

1.) Our attorney called this morning. You remember? The one who is representing us for the car accident Matt was involved in almost THREE YEARS AGO?

Yes, that attorney. The attorney that is representing our case in which we are being sued for $175,000 (word form: ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS) called this morning to say that the plaintiff’s attorney canceled the deposition that was scheduled for today.

Which leads us to believe that the case will possibly be settled outside of court,

which means Matt probably won’t have to face a jury,

which means evil, greedy man will not receive $175,000,

which means we might be able to go on with our lives without this lawsuit hanging over our heads.

2.) Matt is working on our taxes. It’s looking very good for us. Very, very good. Good enough that I’m willing to bet we’ll be debt free by March of 2010. (For those that struggle with knowing the date, that is practically next month.)

(Next month = debt free.)

We’ve *almost* paid off $28,000 (word form: TWENTY-EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS) of credit card debt, school loans, and car payments in less than two years.

We’ve changed our future. If you are struggling with debt, or money management, or investments, or budgeting then find a Dave Ramsey class and enroll. It will change your life. I promise.

Thank you, sweet baby Jesus for taking care of my family. Thank you, bearded adult Jesus for Matt’s wonderful job. Thank you, Mary, mother of Jesus, for good health. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for disclaimers and readers and good news and bad news. We’re so blessed and we know it.



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