My Mom

Grandma (and Grandpa) were here this weekend.


And now they are not. Nothing makes me more sad than when my Mom packs up and goes back to Great Bend. My parents came for the weekend to visit the boys, to look at houses with us, to sleep in Bennett’s bed, and to spend time together.

I love my Mom. She’s just as opinionated as I am. She’s a Jayhawk fan. (ROCK CHALK, baby. Beat those Cats!) She cares deeply and passionately about others. She tells it like it is. She sings annoyingly loud. She sometimes doesn’t think before she speaks. She has no filter, ever. She chews her ice. She’s a little flaky.

She’s nothing like me and she’s everything like me.

She thinks Bennett is going to fall over dead because he hasn’t been fully vaccinated. She wishes Simon and Bennett would sleep in their own bed. She values a quality public education. She doesn’t know how to check her email. She rarely reads the blog.

We’re different in the ways we show emotion. I don’t get angry (unless you are Matt) when you disagree with me. If you post a picture of your 18 month in time-out, I won’t say anything. If you want to feed your 4 month-old cereal, I’ll shake my head and maybe share some ‘linky love.’ If you post a picture on facebook with a baby and a bottle, I’m hoping that it’s full of breast-milk. If you believe in cry-it-out, my heart breaks thinking of your poor baby screaming in his crib, alone in the dark. If you home-school, I’ll wonder why. If you don’t believe in gay marriage, I’ll feel sad. If you vote against tax increases, I’ll vote for it.

But what I don’t do? I don’t get angry if you don’t parent my way or if you disagree with me. If you knew me in real-life, Internet-reader, we would get along just fine. I might talk about you with my best friend, Jennifer, or with Matt but rarely in your face. 

After-all, I learned my manners from my Mom. She taught me how to love. She taught me to be tolerant of other people. She taught me how to be a Mama. And for that, I love my Mom and my Mom loves me.

When you come down to it, what Mom doesn’t love their kid? Cause that is the bottom line. As parents, we do our best. We make decisions every day that determine the people our children will become.

Luckily, I turned out perfectly. We can all thank my Mother for that one. 


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