Save our schools

This weekend, we spent some time watering our grassroots while marching in a peaceful demonstration. (Dude, I told you I was a hippy. Believe me yet?) The local newspaper said that one thousand, two hundred different people came out to march.

We were three of those people.

1,200+ people that walked while chanting, "SAVE OUR SCHOOLS."  1,200+ people that walked to the beat of the drums. 1,200+ that walked to keep their schools open. 1,200+ people that care enough about their children’s education to make a sign and to show the school board that we are not happy.

Three city blocks full of people.

Some will say that it’s not the fault of the school board. It’s not their fault that a 4.2 million dollar deficit must be made up. Some will say to blame the Kansas Legislature. If funds had not ever been cut, the problem wouldn’t have ever been created.

I don’t believe that to be true. I think due to the mishandling of funds and budgets, our local school board has created a big problem.

A big problem of not enough money, inadequately balanced classrooms, and zero solutions.  

And so we went, of course, because the idea that the Lawrence school board might potentially close our neighborhood schools is devastating. Closing schools is a permanent decision to a temporary problem.

And I think it’s a big problem when ONE teacher is expected to teach THIRTY+ students.

It’s a big problem when teacher’s salaries are cut while we cater to the top-heavy administrators.

It’s a big problem when children have to be bused out of their neighborhoods and into another to attend school.

I won’t stand for it. I won’t allow Simon to be thrown in a huge classroom and told to fend for himself. I won’t buy a house in a neighborhood without a school. I won’t put Simon on a bus. And while it’s neither here nor there, I certainly will never be able to get a part-time job teaching in Lawrence. I don’t stand a chance. Schools closing = no new teacher jobs.

My arms are sore from carrying Bennett. My legs ache from walking. (I know. Pathetic.) My heart is heavy for the families (especially the children) that will lose in this battle but my small, unimportant voice will not be quiet.

Hear our message, school board: SAVE OUR SCHOOLS. Invest in OUR children. Find ANOTHER solution.

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