A conundrum- UPDATED again!


I am one happy girl!


Let’s get you cookies
I am sorry you have not received your six boxes of cookies. I want to make sure you receive the cookies you paid for. My name is Gina Garvin, and I am part of the Cookie Team at Girl Scouts of NE Kansas & NW Missouri. Please give me a call at (816) 358-**** or email me at productsales@girlscoutsksmo.org, and we can arrange to send you the cookies you paid for.

Again, we apologize. Thanks for your support of Girl Scouts, and I will look forward to hearing from you soon


Original post:
On November 7, I ordered and PAID for six boxes of girl scout cookies from an adorable little girl. Girl was not in uniform. Girl was with father. Father vaguely pointed down the street and mentioned recently moving to the neighborhood.


Girl mentioned being a student at Schwegler Elementary.

Girl smiled sweetly. Girl had manners. Girl had official cookie order form. Girl brought promises of peanut butter patties and delicious thin mints.


Fast forward, three months and guess who still doesn’t have her cookies? That’s right. ME.

I have been in contact with the troop leader for Schwegler Elementary. She does not have any girls that live in my neighborhood. She also mentioned that one is not supposed to pay for cookies until they are delivered. And consequently, my CHECK HAS BEEN CASHED.

Guess who thinks they got screwed? That’s right. ME

What I don’t understand is that the check was endorsed with a stamp that read, "Girl Scouts of Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri." The check cleared the bank yesterday.

I know. Tell me about it.


So, quite the conundrum. What say you, internet, do you think I got screwed out of my six boxes of girl scout cookies?



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