Update to yesterday

Would it be a safe assumption to assume that I have the Pool boys wrapped around my finger?

Somebody has to wear the pants in this family.

Because excluding the times when a.) I wanted to be a Delta Gamma in college and got cut and b.) Bennett turned out to be a boy, I’ve pretty much always gotten exactly what I wanted. WHY DO YOU ALL LOOK SO SURPRISED?

However, please let the record state that I never asked for Thom to cut his hair. I never requested, begged, or even said the words. Not this time. I didn’t. I swear. I was cool with the mullet. The mullet and I were rocking out. I don’t discriminate {unlike some Republicans people I know.}

Accordingly, I might as well just point out the obvious: Thom, you might no longer be the man with the flaxen hair, but you’re still a hippy at heart. What’s Grandma going to run her fingers through now?

Yours truly,
Sarah’s biggest fan


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