The most dramatic blog post ever

First of all, I must begin by apologizing. I’m sorry, readers, for posting a dramatic picture without any explanation. I didn’t give any details because I was exhausted. I left you hanging. This is my place and I have no trouble letting my true colors shine through.

It was wrong of me to leave you that way. I’m sorry.

(See, it’s totally NOT HARD to apologize.)

I have excuses anyway. I have been super busy dealing with life. I’m not EVIL. I swear. (Just don’t ask my sister that question.) I worked on Tuesday in the worst classroom ever. Seriously. If you have a kid in school, make sure you know what is really going on in their classroom. These kids were out of control and it was obvious that the teacher had ZERO INSTRUCTIONAL CONTROL.

(That’s fancy teacher talk that translates into CHILDREN CLIMB WALLS AT WILL.)

Today my day started with Bennett waking up at 5:38. Luckily, he went back to sleep until 8:30. (I wasn’t so lucky. It was more like 7:30ish.) (Emphasis on the the -ish.) I spent the rest of my morning doing "meaningless" housework aka raising children. I  followed that up by doing some volunteer work in Simon’s classroom. (See above.) And then I concluded my day with some  internet drama  sister fighting on Facebook.

Clearly, I had no time to blog about the oven.

Are you ready to hear the story now? Was that the longest introduction ever? Have you gone and brushed your teeth and come back again because you are just wanting to hear the good parts? What do you call your oven? Cooker? Stove? Roaster?

The glass was broken when Matt dropped a cake pan against it.

Because, unlike other areas of my life (re: sister fight), there was very little drama involved.

He reached in the oven to pull out a cake pan. He burned his hand and dropped the pan. The pan hit the handle of the oven. The glass was broken. No rowdy children were involved. There was no fire.

Exhibit A:

My only 9X13 inch pan is shattered.

I don’t see any casseroles in my future.

Exhibit B:

Of course I made Matt clean it up.

Who do you think I am, Cinderella?

So, that’s it. The most least dramatic rose ceremony  blog story ever. 
We rent (see also: we are ALMOST debt free), so for now we’ve been enjoying pancakes on the griddle and the McDonald’s play-land. We might have to pay for part of the repair to the kitchen range stove roaster cooker oven but we don’t know yet. 

And now, this Cinderella is going to bed.

I better get to sleep in until at least 8:00 am tomorrow.

I lead such a hard-knock life.


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