The happy bus cup

They cost 20 cents a piece from the Salvation Army in Wichita.  One minute I’m in the bathroom minding my own business. The next I’m demanding to know why Matt is checking out with two different Muppet cups in his hand.

He insists that the boys will love them.

He’s right, of course. The little boys do love them. Mostly, they love to argue about who gets the bus cup.

"I want the bus cup!" Simon yells.

"No, MINE!" Bennett responds.

Finally, a rule is introduced. I like rules. Rules give order. Rules set expectations.

The rule?

We take turns. Every other night at dinner, it will be your turn for the happy bus cup:
Happiness Hotel 

The good news is that the arguing has stopped. Each boy is overjoyed when it’s his turn.

The best news is that the doctor called. The growth is benign. There are no signs of any cancer cells.


It’s my turn for the happy bus cup.

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