More poop talk

Just to be spiteful, Bennett had a great day on the pooper. He didn’t have any accidents. He didn’t complain. He didn’t earn jelly beans.

He just went with the flow, literally. When duty called, he answered.

This morning we ran to the grocery store. We went to library story-time. We made a cake, ate lunch, and took a nap. We went out to supper (my choice!). We wandered around the Pet Store. (Look! A snake! Can I have a snake, Mom? No, Simon. No, you may not have a snake.) We priced flowers for the garden. 

Bennett did it all while staying dry.

When we got into the van after our final stop tonight, I got right down in his face. "DO NOT PEE IN YOUR PANTS, Ben. You had a great day! No accidents! Ok?" I tickled his little restrained body. He couldn’t get away from me. He laughed and laughed.
I stopped tickling. He stopped giggling and looked me straight in the eye. "Ok, Mama. I not potty." 

Simon wanted some attention too. "Do it to me, Mom."

I snapped around in my seat and squeezed his knees too. "Do not pee in your pants, kid." He wiggled and giggled as well.

Lately, it seems as if all we talk about is pooping and peeing. Simon thinks this is all hilarious. The discussions. The pointing. The laughing. The frustrations (mostly mine.) The bathroom talk only in the bathroom rule still applies. I’ve just been a bit more lenient these days. Of course, after a good day I can only suspect that tomorrow will be terrible. No matter what, we’ll have fun along the way.

Just ask Simon and he’ll agree. It’s always fun to talk read about poop.

Isn’t it?



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