Ding! Ding! Winner, winner, chicken dinner.  correctly guessed that Simon’s note did indeed read, "Hey, Dad! I found an arrowhead." And yes, as a matter of fact, Simon did leave the note in the bathroom. (Where’s the first place you go when you hop outta bed?) It was on the counter but ideally it would have been on the floor, facing the toilet. Daddy is a squatinkler, after all.

Yummy4mummy, enjoy the victory of being the very first person to answer. I would slap you a high-five, except that you live half way across the world. I always enjoy being first AND right. Tonight: have your cake and eat it too.

Next time, I might plan accordingly and have an actual prize for playing along. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan ahead. Seeing how I don’t get paid to blog (WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE WORLD? DON’T THEY SEE MY VALUE?), I don’t have any prizes. Practice makes perfect though. Subsequent guessing games will have a prize for the winner. I promise.

Tonight’s note said: dAD my bIke ChANe Fel oF FIX It pleeS!

As soon as he woke up, Matt fixed the bike chain that fell off Simon’s bike.
Have no worries, he totally washed his hands first.


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