I’m back! Did you miss me? What’s that? You didn’t know I was gone? Er, yup. I did leave town but now we’re back. I try and keep my comings and goings private. You never know when the bad guys might come and steal all my pretty things.

(By pretty things I mean six year old scratched Pottery Barn dining room table.)

So, how about a numbered recap?

1.) It was my birthday. Happy birthday to me! I’m all 27 years now. I am not afraid of my late twenties. I tend to hang out with old people, aka Matty Daddy. I got a camera bag from Etsy, some earrings from the Si-man, a new camera lens, and cash. I like cash.

2.) We went back to the Bend. I did not see anybody outside of family members. I consider it a successful trip.

3.) Jana had a baby. Want to see some pictures? If you are my friend on facebook, please disregard. If you want to be my friend on facebook, let me know and we can hook up.  

Baby K 116-b 

Baby K 105 

Baby K 096 

4.) I KNOW. I can hardly look at these pictures without feeling like I MUST HAVE A BABY. Which consequently, I took a test (or THREE but who’s counting?). They were it was negative.

5.) Is it weird that I am afraid to tell the internets that I am leaving town, yet I have no problems talking about pregnancy tests?

Don’t answer that.


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