Schools out for the summer

Today was the last day of kindergarten for Simon and I am feeling sad? happy? annoyed? cheerful? Crap. I’m not exactly sure what I am feeling.

Let’s break it down. Shall we?
On one hand, I was SAD dropping him off this morning.

"It’s your last day of your first year of school," I wailed. It always feels this way. Another milestone coming and going. Some worth mentioning, others passing by without another thought. Today he got dressed, made his breakfast (read: got out the cereal), poured his own glass of milk, ate, cleaned up, put on his shoes, AND brushed his teeth.

Tell me, internets, why did it take an entire year of nagging, yelling, prompting, and rewarding for Simon to FINALLY complete the routine on his own? And why did he do it on the LAST day of school? IRONY. SWEET IRONY.


On the other hand, I am completely OVERJOYED that the before school rush is over. Now I can stay in bed until 8:00ish (emphasis on the -ish) while the boys rot in front of the television watch educational programming. At least I can count on Simon to pour the cereal and milk without spilling.

Of course, we have to consider the fact that Simon is always talking and he never stops moving. (ANNOYING.) The prospect of keeping him entertained all day long isn’t high on my list of fun things to do. We did buy pool passes this afternoon. (HAPPY. SO HAPPY.) It cost us $120 for the both of us. (Benny’s free and poor Matt doesn’t get to have fun.) And we can’t forget that the rules haven’t changed and it’s still ‘playstation only on the weekends,’ at our house. This has not stopped him for asking over and over again.

"Are you sure it’s not a special day? A special, special day because school is over?"

"What about tomorrow? Will tomorrow be a special day because it’s my first day of summer?"

Tomorrow is the first day of summer. Bring on the sunscreen! It doesn’t really matter what I’m feeling. MY BABY IS ALL GROWN UP and like it or not, it’s summertime. (It’s also 12:43 am. I better wrap this up or else I can predict how I will feel tomorrow: grouchy.)

Let the long days at the pool, whining, and the fun begin!


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