Mom shorts

We are having a garage sale this weekend. I’ve pulled out, re-organized, and chucked out a ton of things this week. It’s been therapeutic. A nice, refreshing way to prepare for our big (hopeful) move.

I wasn’t even planning on having a garage sale until Matt started complaining about our closet. I don’t see what the big fuss was all about. I totally deserve 75% of the closet space anyway. I am a woman. I have needs. Besides, I can’t help it that I have so many clothes. It all started the one (and only) year that I worked full-time teaching at SJID. (Also known as the year I thought I had money.) 

Unfortunately, I have no need for ten pairs of size 4, long pants from The Limited any more. Nor do I have a need for eight size small/extra small Victoria Secret nighties and sexy nightgowns. Matt is devastated with this loss.

(Do you think it’s okay to sell nighties at a garage sell?)

(Don’t answer that. Cause regardless of what you say, I’m still totally going to try.)

(Seriously. Barely worn.)

It’s all good because I have so much more room in the closet now. In fact, I was feeling so sad inspired, that I decided to take up Jami’s idea and head to Wal-mart for some new shorts. (Mine are khaki, not denim.) Back in the day, I only shopped at The Limited. Now?

Behold the $10.00 mom shorts:

Mom pants

My new shorts touch my knees. They sit at my natural waist. And the best part? The best, best part? MY SHORTS HAVE AN ELASTIC WAISTBAND. Gone is the muffin-top. No more unbuttoning the top button after supper. It’s like a sweet, sweet relief in the form of 10 dollars.

Matt’s thrilled, as you can imagine, with my new shorts. If he had a choice, he’d totally take elastic waistband Mom shorts over see-thru nightgowns any day. 


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