Diapers for sale

ETA: Everything has been sold. Thanks! 🙂

I’m just going to cut to the chase. These are the last of my diapers and they aren’t in great shape. All are left over from my not-so-successful garage sale. I’m mostly posting these for the friends that requested pictures on Facebook. Shipping is included. Don’t like my prices?


First up, the oldest goodmamas known to man. Chocolate and light blue have found a new home. 2010-06-12 garage sale7 
Blue:  zero elastic, towelish. $8.00
Black: longer soaker, towelish. $10.00
Tiki: hard to find. $20.00

Large, pocket OBBs. All are in various states of disrepair but are also the THINNEST CLOTH DIAPER KNOWN TO MAN. If you don’t like fluffy butts, these are the diapers for you. Cost $25.00 new. Fit beginning around 15 lbs. I have pictures of the insides if you want to see all the pills. Inserts are included. The diapers with missing snaps and loose seams could be easily fixed. I just don’t know how to sew.
2010-06-12 garage sale6 
Black: nonpilly, stained, loose seam on back $8.00 ALL SOLD!
Brown: perfect, no stains, very little pilling $15.00
Brown 2: broken snap, no stains, very little pilling $8.00
Green: pilling, seam coming out on back $8.00
White: pilly, slight stain? but has a cute sun printed on the backside $11.00
Dark Blue: nonpilly, broken snap $8.00

Large, aplix OBB
2010-06-12 garage sale 
Apple green with yellow inside: no stains, pilly. $10.00

Monster Shorties
2010-06-12 garage sale3 
Unknown crotcheter. These have been in storage forever but are clean and lanolized. I can’t find my tape measure, but I think they are a medium. If interested, I’ll look a little harder for the tape measure. Found it! $25.00 OBO. GONE!

Monster shorties
Length- 10 inches
Inseam- 3 inches
Waist- 18  inches

Longies and Shorties
2010-06-12 garage sale4   

Robot longies: clean but stains on legs $10.00 GONE!
length- 18 inches
Inseam- 9 inches
Waist- 18 inches and the elastic is tight

Medium Woollybottoms: clean, no stains $15.00 GONE!
Length- 12 inches
Inseam- 4 inches
Waist- 16 inches

Medium striped shorties: unknown knitter, clean, slightly pilly, felted crotch $10.00 GONE!
Length- 12 inches
Inseam- 2 inches
Waist- 20 inches

Medium striped longies: unknown knitter, clean, slightly filly, no stains $20.00 SOLD!
Length- 16 inches
Inseam- 10 inches
Waist- 18 inches

2010-06-12 garage sale2 
$5.00 takes them all.

Large, Fleece soakers from Bellies, Babies and More on hyena cart. These were hardly ever worn. Have extra layer sewn inside.
2010-06-12 garage sale5 
I can’t remember what I paid for these. Um??? $10.00 each SOLD! 

Fleece Soakers
Waist- 17 inches
Rise- 17 inches

Picture of Bennett wearing soakers: almost 2 years old, 25 lbs

Last but not least: Prefolds
2010-06-12 garage sale1 
Hearts: super soft but not the best sewing job. $5.00
Pirates: better sewing job. $7.00
Blue: nice and soft, starting to wear thin in places. $5.00
Birds: not sewn very well. $5.00

Whew. This was way too much work and I’m not confident that I’ve priced anything correctly. If you want more pictures or have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m happy to help in order to get these out of my house.

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