Black or blue

I can’t really do anything but think about our house. I carry Matt’s phone all day in case it rings. We finally heard the broker’s price but now we are waiting on the bank to set a final price. The broker’s price is higher then we wanted. Thanks to low interest rates, however, the mortgage will actually be lower than we expected.

It’s all I can think about.

I go over the budget in my head. I talk about it with Matt. I think about how much we have in savings. I dream about the furniture I want to buy. I call my Mom. We talk about paint colors and bedrooms.

My Mom is reading the blog on a regular basis. *waves* Hi, Mom!

Matt sanded the top of the table. I thought I wanted to paint it black but now I’m not so sure. I left a comment on the Nester’s blog. I got 593 hits. I’ve never had so much traffic come to my blog. Stay awhile? I’m funny, damn it.

Our garage sale was a flop. Although it rained the entire time, we still made $100 on Saturday. Nobody bought the nighties. I sold an additional $30 today, thanks to Craigslist. I also sold $40 worth of wool. Want some cloth diapers? I’ve still got some. We left everything in the garage so that we can have a sale again in two weeks.

garage sale 007

Will we get the house? Should I paint the table black? What about turquoise blue? Wouldn’t you want some sexy nighties?

Everything always works out. I am anxious.

My head spins.


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